About Us

Hi! I’m Dev.  I started my trading journey in the year 2008. I started with stocks. As every trader, I lost a lot of money in my initial years of trading.

Though the market made a new high in 2008, I made huge losses due to lack of knowledge in the stock market. There was a time when I thought; the stock market is not my cup of tea. But I didn’t give up.

I studied many books and started to learn about technical analysis. Again I started trading with a small capital. The market itself is a good teacher. Over the time I became consistently profitable. Besides investing in stocks, I am trading in stock future and option. I am also trading in the commodity.

After being consistently profitable, my perspective on the market changed. I decided to share my experience and the little knowledge I have gained through my website PRICE ACTION HUB.

The website will be highly beneficial for the novices entering the market and giving up after a couple of losses and for the traders making loss consistently. My goal in creating this website is to describe my understanding and to present the best ways to avoid loss and make a profit in trading.

Anyone can become financially independent for the rest of his/her life after learning trading tricks with me.